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At the last episode of this show, the subjects of Hannah's tapes have been brought in for questioning, as the authorities subpoenaed them.

But what's the importance of that, you may ask?

If you cast your minds back, was a Halloween celebration in episode four of this series, which gives us a good sign that Clay was listening to the tapes of Hannah at the end of October.

According to this, we all know that Hannah must have committed suicide shortly. (So, let us say, late September to early October...)

BUT HANG ON A MINUTE... if Hannah did not kill herself until then, does this mean that in real-world time, she is still alive?

We are just in July, after all... and the tape did state 2017.

This all could be a coincidence unless they wanted to prove that the departure of Hannah could be stopped, but you need to wonder why the producers chose to set the show later on.

After all, a few of those so called 'reasons' that led Hannah to kill herself have not happened yet, if we are going by the deadline that they have put us in Zack's movie...

Zack's tape gave it away...

Here we shocked at this plot twist, to tell the truth. And while it could be dismissed as nothing more than a fan theory, we like to believe it sends a message that is deeper.

The series is currently trying to tell us that somebody difficulty can be seen by us, or when we have done wrong to somebody, there is still time? Or you can reach out to someone if you're currently fighting like Hannah Baker, and it is never too late?

If true, it gives the story an even deeper than we believed and turned an ending on its mind.

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